Can you get a disese from smoking

You can get emphysema, lung cancer and throat cancer from smoking.

What are the affects of smoking?
you can die quick, each cigarette takes 5 minuets of your life, lung cancer and heatr disese lots of things that can kill you will happen

What is food borne illness?
a disese that can kill

Was Babe Ruth handicap?
yes he had a disese

Who was the god that conquered the Aztecs?
No-one except for iqos 3 lacivert a disese

Worst disese in the world?
cancer, aids, and lukimia.

What was not a hardship faced by the Jamestown settlers?
disese & hunger

What happened to Abigail Adams?
Abigail died from a disese.

Do horses have disese?
Yes, they can usually be cured though

What type of organisms causes smallpox?
a virual disese

What up dawgs?
to protect her from disese when she has a baby and to allow her to have a baby

What to eat gluten free?
If you have Celiac disese, this diet will help you.

What is Alzhiemer's?
Alzheimer's Disese is where your brain is getting eatin away by a disese. You loose your memory, your common sense, and you normal life. Most people that have it live in an instatution. The heve HUGE mood swings. Its really sad!!!

How did Mary kingsley die?
mary kingsley died from the disese typhoyd.

Why do people go on a pilgramge to iona?
because to heal the disese and sins

Can you get Malaria in tropical places?
Malaria is the disese endemic in tropical countries only.

What happens when you stop brushing your teeth?
Cavivty Teeth Fall out Gum disese Tartar

Are Opossums legal to own in Oregon?
No they are not and opossums care disese thet can sometime be fatel to humans

Why do I get shortness of breath after quitting smoking Im 26 and I've smoked for 8 years about a pack a day. I've stopped for a week now I've been x-rayed. Dr. said everythings normal.?
you might have uper respetorie disese or....maybe worse than that....:( you might have uper respetorie disese or....maybe worse than that....:( _________________________________________ Hello. Hope your problem has been resolved, but, iqos 3 lacivert if not, Yes this is normal when you quit smoking you have years of tar and build up in your lungs, your body is going to begin to get rid of the toxins in your lungs, therefore, you are going to be coughing more and short...

How were people treated who contacted the Black Death?
They were burie quickly si no one else got the disese

What is larangytis?
It is a throat disese that is similar to strep throat. It causes your esophagus to close, making it difficult to breath.

Is chinchilla sand for a dwarf hamster?
It is not very good for them infact it can cause a type of disese that causes death.

What are some slogan to prevent diseases of respiratory system?
ten way to prevent disese to your respiratory system

What is nintendoitis?
It is a fictional disese from the "Official Nintendo Magazine" that means you start liking Nintendo immensely or become addicted to it.

What is a disease that can be transmitted between individuals?
epidemic disese All sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted between individuals.

What bacteria do?
bacteria can do lots of horrible things like : eat your skin , make bread moaldy , give you a disese.

What does lepers mean?
A leper is a person that has a disese for skin that you will die from. If you are a leper parts of your skin will fall off until you die.

How long did Marie curie live?
Marie Curie lived 67 years until she died. Marie died of a disese

What was the disease that was going around England duruing Shakespeare's time?
Plauge Was The Disese Spread Round By Rats In Shakespear's Time

How many people have died from working with nuclear energy?
12% people who work with nuclear energy eventuallly catch a disese or die.

What did Christopher Robin Milne die of?
In Winnie the pooh, he died because the "Skullasaurus" killed him. In real life, he died of heart disese.

What happens if you have a tampon stuck in you and it hurts when you pee?
having a tampon stuck in you is your first problem. you are at risk of getting a disese and you better get 2 the doctor quik

If you bang on a fish tank will it hurt the fish?
yes it would cause the fish to get a disese called ick a fish gets that sickness when they get scared or nervous

How can infectious diseases affect personal health?
well ifectious dieses ia a disese so your body will stop working and affect you nerve system

What are the short term effects of exercise on the heart?
some shorterm effects are swelling of the ankles, shorten of breath.and also you can die from heart disese if you do not exersice enough

My tongue feels swollen i have lumps on it and my mouth is dry what could it be?
u could have some kind of disese like aids or HIV if uve tongue kiss.

What is Jason earles disaese called?
jason earles has a rare disese called elpayaqelta it comes from a rare sperm only 120 people have it. It comes from Mexico

Secondhand smoking worse than smoking?
Secondhand smoking means the passive smoking and passive smoking is worse even than smoking cigarettes.

What struggles did Juan Ponce de Leon go through?
He had more sruggles on his ship than anything but he sruggled through disese and storms just to name a couple

What happened at the end of The Transall Saga?
Mark goes through the blue light and goes back to pressent earth. He becomes a scientist who is trying to find a cure for a disese.

Why is your foot blue?
Well if your foot is blue that is not good! You might have a wierd disese. Go to a doctor. You may have stepped in blue paint. THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

Is secondhand smoking worse then regular smoking?
Secondhand smoking can be just as bad as regular smoking, and iqos zararlari smoking shelters can help protect non smokers from secondhand smoking.

Can house mice breed with field mice?
it can but it's to dangerous as the field mice may have a disese and could kill the mother and babies or make them verry ill, hope that helps

Is secondhand smoking worse than smoking?
Yes secondhand or passive smoking is worse than smoking

How do you say smoking in spanish?
la accion de fumar = the act of smoking se prohibe fumar = smoking forbidden/no smoking allowed fumante = smoking (adjective) fumando = smoking (participle) el hombre estaba fumando = the man was smoking

How many types of smoking are there?
There are two types of smoking. Passive smoking and regular smoking. Passive smoking is when a person smokes and you can inhale it by passing by them. Regular smoking is when you inhale directly from the cigarette, pipe, or cigar.

How can smoking be changed?
if people stop smoking then smoking can be changed

What is the difference of primary smoking and secondary smoking?
The difference between primary and secondary smoking is very simple. Primary smoking is actually smoking the cigarette yourself, iqos whereas secondary or second hand smoking is inhaling fumes of other smokers around you, whilst you are not actually smoking the cigarette. That is why the smoking ban was introduced and more and more smokers are smoking in smoking shelters. Which, not only provides shelter for them when they are smoking outside, but it also protects non...

Have smoking habits changed since the indoor smoking ban?
No, not many smoking habits have changed at all since the inside smoking ban. Many smokers have just turned to smoking outside and in smoking shelters.

Is smoking better then smoking weed?
smoking weed is better than smoking cigarettes. It's much healthier for you!

What are smoking weeds?
There's no such thing as smoking weeds. But people refer to smoking the marihuana plant as smoking weed.

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