Can you swim if you have cough

Depending on what kind of cough it is. If it is a deep cough i would advise against it.

Can you swim with whooping cough?
No it is not good

Do you spread germs if you go swimming with a cold?
It really depends. If you just normally swim then you won't spread germs but if you cough or sneeze in the pool then you would

What should i do I cough a lot while i swim because of the chlorine?
good question. i have had a nagging cough, and suspected a cold. but the symptoms seemed to subside while i rested. but now the cough is back following any time in the pool -- which is an outdoor Vaporesso Luxe 220W Kit Elektronik Sigara pool. the problem is -- i can't find much on the swimming/coughing correlation. maybe someone can post something that will be useful.

Why is it better to live up on the hill in valley woods?
It is better to live on the hill in Valley Woods, because only people that are poor (that the government knows about) live down among the lake along the flood plain. It would be very foolish to establish ones residence here, but that does not stop some ignoramus' from doing so, *cough**cough**cough*Michael Banfield*cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough**cough*

How do you tell the difference between an allergy cough and a bronchitis or pneumonia cough?
Allergy cough in not loudly but bronchitis and Aspire Elektronik Sigaralar pneumonia cough loudly with mucus Allergy cough. Bronchitis cough Pneumonia cough

How to ease a cough?
There are cough drops or cough syrups out there that help with the comman cough.

How do you say cough in spanish?
la tos (cough) tener tos (to have a cough) tengo tos (I have a cough)

Looking for alibrandi?
This is a book about love, learning about cultures and discovering family secrets.. It is rather interesting and this book is not a supernatural book about vampires (cough cough Twilight cough cough), faeries (cough cough Lament and Ballad cough cough) or werewolves (cough cough Shiver and Linger cough cough). It is a book mostly about discovery. I read it in my English class and I had finished it in less than 3 days. I liked...

What is the future tense of cough?
The future tense of cough is will cough.

What access did the public have to the proceedings of the constitutional convention?
I cant tell you cheater cough cough NONE! cough cough.

What is the present tense of cough?
The present tense of cough is: IQOS 3 MULTI I/You/We/They cough. He/She/It coughs.

What Is a measure dissolved salt in water?
Concentration, Study guide question for SCHOOL. cough cough, iqos 2.4 Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü *cheater* cough cough

What part of speech is shiver and cough in the following sentence The icy cold water made us shiver and cough?
Cough is a verb because you can cough for example the man had to 'cough'.

What is a nonproductive cough?
A nonproductive cough is a cough that does not bring up phlegm or mucus. It is also called a dry cough, and tends to irritate the throat much more than a productive cough (a cough that brings up phlegm and/or mucus) does.

How do you drown The Sims on 2 The Sims game?
You buy / create a swimming pool with a pool ladder. Then when the victim cough, cough I mean sim starts to swim, go back into buy / build mode and take out the step ladder. They should drown in 1-3 days as their hunger and tired level goes red. Then sit back and relax as you watch your sim suffer and die.

How do you deal with cough?
well the way I deal with my cough is to just take a cough drop's ricola kinds are the best for a cough you cant get that cough away by taking cough drops... take some cough syrup and if that cough doesn't wear off i think you should go to the doctor and Vaporesso Elektronik Sigara Armour Pro Kit Elektronik Sigara see because that might be iteration in the lungs or throat. I HOPE THIS HELPED YOU!

Who is the best combat arms player in deathroom?
I Thing I Would Be Outher Baxstar Or ....Cough Cough Mightman Gift him Cough Cough

When you have a cough that is nonproductive is it a symptomatic cough or asymptomatic cough?
All coughs are symptomatic.

What do we cough up?
sputum is not what you cough up people cough up mucus

What is the medical term for cough?
The medical term for a cough is tussis. Whooping cough is pertussis; one common brand of cough medicine is Robitussin.

What helps green cough in warriors?
the herbs of warrior cats that help stop green cough and stop green cough are: Cat mint: best known cure for green cough. May not stop green cough but helps. Helps stop white cough, witch leads to green cough. Chick Weed: can be used to cure cough. SPOILER!!!! when the need ran out of cat mint Bluestar caught green cough and she had to use chick weed. Also helps cure BLACK COUGH!?!?!?

Which is the best cough syrup?
if you have cough and headache for your cough it is best to have PIRITON of GLAXO company.

Could an elephant cough?
Given that humans can cough, (mammals) elephants can cough too.

Can cough lollies make you cough more?
Yes, thats why theyre called cough lollies.

What is considered a persistent cough?
A persistent cough lasts for over a week , with no response to cough syrups.

How do you know if you have whooping cough?
If ur cough makes a whooping sound when u breathe in or cough

What does the phrase cough drop mean?
A "cough drop" is a lozenge that contains lemon, honey, menthol or sometimes a mild cough suppressant to help soothe an aggravating cough.

Is Ceron cough syrup a narcotic cough suppressant?
It is an over the counter, NON-narcotic cough medicine.

Does it hurt to cough when your appendix hurt?
It usually does hurt to cough when your appendix hurts. Cough medicine can help with that.

Is aeroflux good for cough relief?
It is good for chronic cough and helps to get rid of the mucus. It is not a cough sedative.

What happens if you cough a lot?
There are many conditions or diseases that can cause a cough. Some conditions that cause cough are not so serious (e.g., allergic rhinitis or post-nasal drip), but other conditions causing a cough can be serious. If your cough is concerning to you and is persistent, you should probably see your doctor about it. What's going to happen if you cough a lot? It really depends on what is causing your cough.

Why do you cough?
you cough to get the mucus out of the tracea (throut)

What is plural for cough?
The plural for cough is coughs.

What treatment is used for cough?
Cough medicine!

What should you do if you have cough?
suck on a cough drop.

Hello cough cough cough I got a achooooo. My goodness gracious I got a cold. I want to ask you a question. How do I cough cough get rid of this....this....achooooo cold?
Take a lukewarm bath,and sip gingerale

Curing a cough?
There are multiple ways to cure a cough. Some ways include: Drinking lots of fluids (especially water) Take cough syrup Take cough drops

What is a sentence using the word cough?
The engine gave a cough and sprang to life. They agreed that a cough would be the signal that someone was coming. The cough was the first sign of the flu that had appeared.

Is cough syrup a count noun or a mass noun?
The compound noun 'cough syrup' is a count noun: I bought a cough syrup. I bought three different cough syrups.

What does a horse's cough sound like?
A horse's cough sounds a lot like a human cough except louder.

Will nonnarcotic cough syrup help a cough?
Is there any scienctic proof that non narcotic cough syrup help?

Is there codeine in cough medicine?
Some cough medicines do have codine in them. Opioids act as an antitussive (anti cough medication).

What is the difference between peppermint and cough drops?
cough drops will have some kind of medicine in it for the cough and other symptoms.

Why do you strain if you cough continuously?
if you cough comtinuously then your throught will begin to hurt making it hard to cough without strain!

How do you use the word cough in a sentence?
Symptoms of the common cold include a cough and a runny nose. He tried not to cough during his speech. If you cough up blood, call the doctor immediately. I knew she stole it so I demanded that she cough up the money.

If someone is talking and you have to cough really bad but don't want to interrupt when is the appropriate time to cough?
* When someone has a bad cough then human nature takes over and brain sends the message to cough no matter where you are. The only thing you can do is apologize and say something like 'I've got a terrible cold and apologize for this nagging cough.' There are cough drops that you can get or cough syrups that will help remedy the problem.

What is the difference between a wet cough and a dry cough?
Wet cough raises sputum from the lungs and airway, while a dry cough does not do so. wet cough CAUSED BY G +VE BACTERIA OR VIRUS ITS UPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION dry cough,CAUSED BY G -VE BACTERIA ITS LOWER RESPIRATORY TARCK INFECTION

What is a good remedy to relieve a cough?
The best remedy to relieve a cough is by using cough medicine or cough drops. Other ways is thyme tea, honey tea, and a hot shower.

What to eat when having a cough?
Cough drops, cough syrup, or cough medicine such as Vick's Formula 44M. You could also try drinking water, because some people cough due to a dry throat. Drinking liquids ends some coughs.

Is cheesily a word?
Indeed it is! Cough, Cough.. Michael (:

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