What are some sickness that you will have if you smoke

IQOS Heets Yellow Sigara – Kartuş | Sigara TechLung cancer

Oral cancer

Throat cancer



Liver cancer
What are the effects of smoke belching through humans?
The effect of smoke belching are the ff: can cause sickness like asthma acidic rains lung cancer

How soon can you smoke a cigarette after having a baby?
Smoking should be suitable after your maternity sickness has passed. If you are feeling sick or experience dizziness after your child is born, you should not smoke.

What sickness can you get from breathing too much smoke from a fire?
Well for one, you can suffocate because of breathing in the smoke instead of oxygen. Lungs can also be damaged in much the same way of breathing in a smoker's second hand smoke. The alveoli can be destroyed, and IQOS Heets Parliament Sigara heets parliament Sigara Tütünü the mucus membranes of your throat can become irritated. This could cause coughing and wheezing and lungs problems. Smoke can also trigger asthma is some cases.

How is your likelihood of smoking affected by having peers and family members who smoke?
smoking is like sickness it spreds around and begans to make anyone have the same dissabillity

If you are pregnant does it make it difficult to smoke cigarettes?
Continuing to smoke cigarettes can be extremely harmful to the developing fetus and complicate the process of childbirth. Also, chemical sensitivity and "morning sickness" common to pregnancy can make the act of smoking unpleasant, even sickening.

How can lung circulation disease be cured?
If you never smoke,you probarly won't expirience it.Smoking is the most known way to get this sickness.(I'm only in grade seven btw):)

Do more people smoke marijuana for pain issues?
For pain, sickness, diseases, mood disorders, sleep disorders and more. It would be impossible to calculate how many people use it for a particular use.

Question if you pregnant but dont have morning sickness why its that?
If you are pregnant but do not have morning sickness that is fine. Some women suffer from morning sickness when they are pregnant while others never experience it.

What are the different sickness?
Sickness can keep you home from work or school. It can be caused by the flu. Motion sickness and morning sickness are different types of sickness.

Is sickness a noun?
YES! You can get a sickness. It is not a verb, because you cannot DO sickness, and it isn't and adjective, because you cannot BE sickness.

Why community health is important?
Lets say you dont smoke and your mom dous Smoke now yall only eat raw fruits, veggies, nut, , berrys but u get lung cancer .. Ur mom gave u cancer Its in posable to get any kind of sickness eating raw foods.. U get my point

How likely is morning sickness?
Approximately 75% of pregnant women have some degree of morning sickness in early pregnancy.

Do you get altitude sickness at the South Pole?
Yes, some people are extremely affected by altitude sickness and cannot remain at their duty stations. Altitude sickness, however, does not strike all workers or scientists.

How common is morning sickness?
Approximately 75% of pregnant women experience some morning sickness during early pregnancy.

What percent of people have morning sickness that is pregnant?
75% of pregnant women experience some morning sickness in early pregnancy.

How long does a sickness last from eating brown lettuce?
luttuce sickness luttuce sickness

Is insomia a sickness?
An illness is a sickness. But an illness/sickness is not a condition. And a condition is not a disease. An illness/sickness is, for one example, most likely caused by a virus or bacteria. A condition is a term used to describe a state of health which may be constant over time or IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara TüTüNü vary in intensity or frequency. Often, a condition improves with time, but can worsen too (or stay the same). It is not caused...

You had morning sickness in the 6th week and iqos next week its gone should you be worried?
no it is normal. morning sickness can come and go. some people dont even get it at all. no it is normal. morning sickness can come and go. some people dont even get it at all.

Can stress give u morning sickness?
YES! Stress is definitely a cause of morning sickness. try to find something that can keep you calm. try breathing in deep breaths or listening to some of your favorite music. Sometimes even the daddy can get morning sickness. That is called sympathy morning sickness.

Sickness and medicines in the late 1700's and early 1800's?
Some sickness was smallpox and black plague.

Who originally sang down with the sickness?
the band Disturbed sang down with the sickness on their album The Sickness in 2000

What is the worst sickness?
the worst sickness is the flu

Can you get morning sickness if your not pregnant?
no you can get morning sickness

How do pepole die?
They can get to old or iqos zararlari have some sickness

Can guys get morning sickness?
No. Guys can not get morning sickness. Still, if their pregnant wife is miserable and constantly complains about it, it can really get to some guys and get them down.

What is the release date of Down With the Sickness by Disturbed?
The album that Down With the Sickness is from, The Sickness, was released March 7, 2000.

What are the causes of industrial sickness?
There are quite a few causes of industrial sickness. This sickness can come from exposure to all of the fumes.

Does Maya Angelou have a sickness?
no maya angelou does not have a sickness

What sickness feels like a flu?
The H1N1 sickness.

Is the flu a sickness or disease?
It is a disease the causes a sickness.

What are the importance of medicinal plants?
It help the acient people long ago to treat their sickness because there was no medicines like we have now.If there was nomedicinal plants we cant treat too are sickness because some sickness need medicinal, plants to treat.

What are some movies with the word 'smoke' in the title?
There are a number of films titled Smoke. Other films include: Summer and Smoke (1961) Apache War Smoke (1952) Tiger in the Smoke (1956) Up in Smoke (1978) Smoke Signals (1998) Holy Smoke (1999) Cowboy Smoke (2008)

Why do you smoke tobacco?
i do not smoke, but people smoke because they think it is cool, and then they get addicted (from the nicotine), and its all downhill from there.... Some people smoke because they think it will relieve some of their stress

In Huckleberry Finn Why had Emmeline died?
some sickness

Examples of sentences with the word sickness?
She had a very bad sickness.

What does Gota the sickness in bones mean?
What Does Gota Mean In Sickness

What sickness did paul revere die from?
He died not from sickness, but age.

IQOS Heets Yellow Sigara – Kartuş | Sigara TechWhat is diebedies?
a sickness that fat people get a sickness that fat people get

What is the plural noun for sickness?
The plural form of sickness is sicknesses.

Use sickness in a sentence?
My mom had a sickness that was called pneumonia

When was Sickness of the Ages created?
Sickness of the Ages was created in 2004.

When was The Blue Sickness created?
The Blue Sickness was created in 2000.

When was This Sweet Sickness created?
This Sweet Sickness was created in 1961.

When was Reject the Sickness created?
Reject the Sickness was created in 1999.

What is the subject in the sentence The sickness that you have is deadly?
The subject of this sentence is 'The sickness'.

When was The Sickness created?
The Sickness was created on 2000-03-07.

Best cure for sickness?
The best way to cure sickness is to drink plenty of fluids and eat some crackers. If you see any results, discuss the question!

Do you have to have morning sickness to know that you're pregnant?
No. Some women never experience morning sickness. If you suspect you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test to be sure.

What would happen if you had motion sickness and you watched the horror movie Cloverfield?
Because the whole movie is supposedly filmed on a video camera, it moves quickly from scene to scene and can give you head aches, even if you don't have motion sickness. If you did have motion sickness, you would probably feel sick and have head aches. This is why in some theatres it says warning: motion sickness

Elektronik Sigara - E Sigaralar | En Uygun Fiyatlar | EGSWhat are some home remedies for motion sickness?
In general when dealing with motion sickness it is best to avoid eating large amounts of food or any alcohol before or after going on a car, boat, or similar vehicle. While in motion looking off into the distance can help reduce sickness. A remedy if motion sickness is contracted is to use Ginger Ale or peppermint candy.

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