What do the initials MPH mean after your name

Master of Public Health, not Masters in Public Health

What do the initials LDN mean after your name?
The initials LDN, put after a person's name, generally stand for Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist.

What does initials mean in application form?
The first letter of your first, middle, and last name, in that order. If your name was John Robert Smith, your initials would be JRS.

What do the initials osb after a name mean?
Order of Saint Benedict

What do the initials RA mean after an artists name?
Royal academician.

What does the initials DO mean after a doctors name?
DO after a doctor's name stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

What do the initials DMD after a person's name mean?
Doctor of Medical Dentistry

What do initials CHC behind name mean?
Certified Health Coach

What do the initials C S A mean after somebody's name?
casting society of america

What does DO after a doctor's name mean?
What do the initials D.O. stand for after a medical physician's name? It stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

What does bbdo mean in advertising?
It's the initials of the founders of the advertising agency of the same name.

What does ABIM after a doctors name mean?
The initials stand for American Board of Internal Medicine.

What does MD mean after doctor?
The initials M.D. after a physician's name stands for Doctor of Medicine.

What do the initials CSCA mean after somebody's name?
Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA)

What do the initials JSC mean after a judge's name?
It may or may not mean "Judiciary/Supreme Court" website

What do the initials SWL mean?
The initials SWL mean Safe Working Load

What do the initials rhb mean behind someones name?
In cricket, it means "right handed batsman."

What do the initial PA mean after someone's name?
The initials PA after a name stand for "Professional Association". The initials are used by a group of individuals organized to practice their profession together using public corporation or iqos private business entities.

Does jj after someone's name mean the person is a judge?
The initials jj after someone's name does not mean the person is a judge. The reference of jj appears to be a nickname, not a professional symbol or organization.

What does KC mean stamped on a necklace?
it is probably either the name of the company or the person's initials that is wearing it or that gave it to you.

What do the initials RD mean after someones name?
RD stand for Registered Dietitian and iqos heets cesitleri 2.4 means this person is accredited.

What do the initials MLC stand for?
i don't know if there is another thing with the initials, MLC, but to me, the initials, MLC are the initials of my name

What does DO mean after a doctor of womens health name?
The initials DO after the name of a physician who provides expertise in women's health stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

What do the initials LCPC mean after a person's name?
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor/LCPC: These therapists have a Master's Degree in Psychology and have passed a licensing exam which allows them to use the initials LCPC after their names.

What does the initials on the cross of Jesus mean?
The initials on the cross mean Hail King of the Jews. This was inscribed on there to mock Jesus.

What does the R in Johnny R Cash mean?
According to Wikipedia, Vaporesso Aspire Elektronik Sigaralar Sigara Cash was reportedly given the name "J. R." because his parents could not agree on a name, only on initials. Giving children initials-only names, or a first name and middle initial only, was a common practice at the time.

What do the initials JD mean after a lawyer's name?
They stand for Juris Doctor, the degree awarded upon graduation from law school.

What does DO mean after a doctor's name?
The initials D.O. after a physician's name stand for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Reference: website

What is AN stamped inside a diamond ring mean?
It may be the trademark for the name of the jewelery company it's from or perhaps a certain someones initials.

What do the initials FACS after a doctors name mean?
That means Fellow American College of Surgeons. It is a physician's association with high standards for membership.

What is the term used for using just the first letters of your name?
The term used for the first letters of your name is initials. If a person's name is John Albert Brother, then his initials would be J.A.B. If a person's name is Lisa Loralee Legion, then his initials would be L.L.L. Note that initials require a period after each letter. But many people ignore the punctuation and treat the first two initials as though it is a first name, Iqos 2.4 plus for example, JB Bieber.

What is a good name for a traveling agency?
Your Name/Initials With The Word Travel At The End e.g A.D Travel or Your Could Put your state and your Initials/Name

When Niall Horan uses the initials KC what does that mean?
KC is the initials of his FaceBook account, apparently.

What is R. K. Snow mean on our old steamer trunk?
It might be the person's initials and last name that owned the trunk.

What are Professor Lupin's initials?
His name is Remus John Lupin so his initials are R.J.L.

UN what does it mean?
I hope you mean 'What do the initials 'UN' mean - United Nations.

What does the name kacee mean?
The name Kacee is the varient of the gaelic name casey ( the Phonetic forming of the initials K and C) Kacee it means alert and watchful Source : My name is Kacee (yes spelt this way) and baby name search meaning

What does the initials nf mean on a baby browning grips?
You have a set of grips with someone,s personlized initials carved into them.

What does the name Eminem mean?
It was originally M&M. M goes for Marshall (first real first name), and the other M for Mathers (his real last name). MM is his initials. He then chnaged M&M to Eminem.

What are the initials for France?
RF (République Française) are the initials for France's official name.

What does am mean in time?
The initials AM stands for "After Midnight".

What does the RG mean in guns?
Initials of the maker.

What are the itinals for Hawaii?
If you mean initials, then they are HI.

What do the initials DRW mean under the bell in the Eisenhower dollar coin?
They're the engraver's initials - Dennis R. Williams

What do the initials np mean?
The initials "np" are the lazy way of writing or typing out "no problem". Or , if you are on the site " neopets" It stands for " neopoints "

Term for initials following a name?
WE call the different initials after our names letters they show people what examinations and qualifications you have

What are Nick Jonas initials?
Nicks Jonas's full name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas so, his initials are N.J.J (:

What s mean in Harry S. Truman?
The S in Harry S Truman stands for S. His middle name is the letter S after the first initials of his grandfathers.

What does initials FRCP mean after a doctors name?
It means that you are a fellow of the royal college of physicians (unsure of what country). Meaning that you have completed subspeciality training in an are of medicine (as opposed to surgery)

What does initials CND mean?
Campaign for nuclear disarmament

What does Annitials mean?
initials spelled like a retard.

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